The mobile van concept came about after the 2017 survey of rough sleepers and third sector agencies that all agreed that after housing, hygiene was the largest problem facing the homeless population.

Most of us are fortunate enough to experience regular clean clothes. However, not everyone is as fortunate, and for those living without a fixed address or on the street, maintaining even basic standards of personal hygiene can be next to impossible. The mobile laundry gives to the homeless an opportunity to look and feel better whilst individuals engage with services working to house, support mental health needs, offer financial support and provide any other support required.

A standalone portable laundry needs to come complete with a professionally fitted laundry system, chosen for easy cleaning and to withstand heavy duty use. We want this to be a valuable long term project. The Brighton & Hove City Council have agreed to offer the sites for the mobile units, and Off The Fence have spoken with Brighton & Hove Council, Southern Water and Sussex Fire Brigade in regards to this project and has obtained the correct permissions.