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Sponsored Color Run
Off The Fence is running the Color Run this September! Will you join us and help provide lifesaving care for the vulnerable of our city?
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The Big Sleepout 2017
Sign ups for the Big Sleepout are now open! Can you sleep rough to support those who face life on the streets daily? 
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'Make Change Count' Campaign
Antifreeze is involved in a new campaign to help the homeless in Brighton more effectively.
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Hove Park Reflection Space
In Mid July, the Schools Team ran a reflection space at Hove Park School for the students. Here is how they got on..
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Blatchington Mill School – “The Zone”
“It’s great to relax and watch a movie and make friends.” One student's experience of 'The Zone' at Blatchington Mill School.
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Cardinal Newman Enrichment Week
“I liked thinking about forgiveness because it releases everything.”
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Worthing Deanery Prayer Space 
Our Schools Team were invited to run a Prayer Space for Worthing Deanery's Inset Day. They even had the Bishop join in!
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Christians in Education
Our Schools Team attended the latest Christians in Education event to discuss looking back on the year and going forward into the summer.
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Gateway Outing to Drusilla's
The ladies from Gateway had a wonderful trip to Drusilla's last week.
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Aldrington Prayer Space
The Schools Team tried out two new prayer zones for Aldrington School's 'Faith in Art' week recently.
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