If we travelled back in time 5 years the schools team would have just completed their first ever Prayer Space. It took place at Cardinal Newman Catholic School and at that point we couldn’t imagine the road that lay ahead of us!

We’ve just completed our 5th annual Prayer Space at Cardinal Newman School, this year seeing over 600 students during the week. It was great to partner with the chaplaincy team at Newman and run the space together with them and some faithful volunteers.

The Prayer Space helped students to explore big, important themes such as forgiveness, thankfulness, bereavement and world peace. We welcomed whole classes to explore the Prayer Space during their RE lesson. Students watched a short video which asked questions about prayer such as “Why do people pray?”, “When do people pray?”, “Does prayer make a difference?”

Then students were free to explore the room at their own pace. Some chose to visit a few zones slowly and thoughtfully while others were keen to try all the prayer activities.

Here’s what some students said about their experience:

“I enjoyed connecting with others as well as God.”

“It was great to learn that there are so many different ways to pray”

“I enjoyed the sorry bin and how I really had to look inside myself.” 

 “It was very inspiring thinking about what I’m grateful for.” 

“There is a lot of hatred in the world, but hope too.” 

“It makes me think big.”

“I like the decorations and how fun and peaceful it was.”

“I could release my thoughts without being judged.” 

“I hope to pray more.”

 “It’s not all about me.”