On Thursday 11th May, we had the pleasure of co-hosting a fantastic evening of art, discussion and food in the halls of St John the Evangelist Church for our latest fundraiser, A Guided Tour of the Uncommon Market: A Private View with Annelies Clarke.

The evening was fascinating, and guests witnessed the entire hall of the church transformed to recreate the atmosphere of a market, the theme of the evening’s event. Sculptures of boats were lined up at the side of the room, ceramic and glass artworks were displayed carefully on tables, canvas’ carefully hanging around the central space, marketplace shades decorated the walls, fabric drapes - with more to them than first met the eye - were hung carefully around the hustle and bustle - it really did feel like being in the middle of a marketplace.  

It wasn’t long into the evening before guests started filling the hall, helping themselves to a drink and pondering on the fine work and craftwork that hung Light of the World on the walls of the church. There were beautiful pieces depicting key scenes taken from the book of Revelation including Annelies’ newly installed stained glass window, Light of the World.

Soon after, everyone proceeded to take a seat to listen to the artist responsible for all the beautiful masterpieces we were viewing, Annelies Clarke, who delivered her take and personal, vivid interpretation on aspects of the book of Revelation.

The evening was an eye-opening experience for guests - and us! We would like to thank St John the Evangelist Church for allowing us to host the event in such a beautiful building, to thank Higgidy for providing such delicious treats for all the guests who attended, and of course Annelies Clarke who headed- up this event and whose incredible artistic talent made it possible to raise almost £600 for Off The Fence.