Now that February has arrived, we are all getting excited for the launch of our 'Woolly Hat Day' campaign. Down at Project Antifreeze, some of our clients have been wearing their woolly hats to show their support. 'Woolly Hat Day' is a winter fundraiser where everyone can be involved by wearing their favourite woolly hats to raise funds for all areas of Off The Fence to help support some of the most vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove.

One client from Antifreeze, our homeless drop in centre, has said, “Without Antifreeze I would be totally lost. Have had loads of help in the past and have come back to Hove as have been travelling constantly all my life. God bless one and all.” Another client from Gateway, our women's centre, has commented, “If it hadn’t been for your help I would have gone under”. A student contacted by our School Team said, “Thank you for giving me courage and hope”. Woolly Hat Day is a way you can help offer people hope and the opportunity to live a transformed life.

We are very excited to see the number of schools and businesses that have joined us already in this campaign to help support our vision of resisting poverty and restoring hope to the lives of those in desperate need of our help. Would you like to be involved in Woolly Hat Day? Why not drop us an email on We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about how you can be involved in this fun, winter fundraiser.