Thursday 2nd November saw the first Christians in Education event of the academic year at an earlier ‘Twilight’ time, 4:30-6pm.

It was great to be joined by 22 people, some of whom were new to the event, as we focused on ‘Being a Christian Influence in School’. Three speakers each shared on the theme from their own experience.

Andrew Wilson, pastor’s assistant at Lancing Tabernacle Church, focussed on being an example to our colleagues by shining like stars and giving something of ourselves away as in Philippians 2 v 14-18.

Next we heard from Emily Whiffin, a sixth form student at Cardinal Newman Catholic School. She shared her experiences of being a Christian student at various different schools. Amongst plenty of other helpful things, she shared a simple but profound truth that she has learned for herself: when we think we’re alone, we’re not. God is with us and He also shines in others around us.

Lastly, the Chaplain from Cardinal Newman Catholic School, John Wright, shared how as Christians in education we can be hidden in our communities to make positive influence and change, like the yeast in Matthew 13 v 33.

It was another great time together being encouraged, meeting new people and, of course, eating cake!

Christians in Education is an event we run with the Schools Team from Brighton & Hove City MissionThe next Christians in Education event is planned for Thursday 15th March 2018 when we will be focusing on the theme ‘Why stay in education?’