‘The Zone’ is a club that runs every Thursday lunch time in a classroom in Blatchington Mill School.

It is designed to be a safe environment for students; a place they can drop in, eat their lunch and watch a movie away from the hustle and bustle of the canteen or playing field. Every week there is a fun quiz and the students even have loyalty cards, earning a reward for regular attendance.

Lots of students make use of ‘The Zone’ at different points through the year and in the last term the classroom was overflowing. We asked a couple of them why they came along:

  • Year 13 student – “It’s relaxing and calm. I go there to eat my lunch in peace”
  • Year 9 student – “It’s fun, you watch movies and get to eat biscuits”
  • Year 13 student“I’ve been coming since I was in year 7”
  • Year 8 student – “It’s great to relax and watch a movie and make friends”