“The people you hang out with determine whether you have a good or bad experience of school”

Would you agree with that statement? Maybe it’s not 100% accurate, but our interactions with people can change our mood, influence our behaviour and shape the people we become.

Our schools team are all too aware of the power of friendships during the teenage years. And that’s why they love to run workshops with small groups of students to help them think through what makes a good and healthy friendship.

The workshops take place over 6 weeks with groups of up to 10 students, usually in years 7-9. The setting feels slightly different to a normal classroom lesson allowing more time and space for honest discussion and creative input. We look at important topics such as peer pressure, respect and communication thinking through how each of these might play out both in real life and in the online world.

Manager Lizzi Demetriou comments:

“We so often find that students are struggling in some of their relationships and relish the opportunity to give and receive advice in a small group of peers.”