How do you feel at the start of a new school year? Excited? Hopeful? Fearful?

Last night a group of teachers met to encourage and inspire one another as they embarked on a new year in school. The Christians in Education events we run with Brighton & Hove City Mission are never huge gatherings, but they are significant. We were pleased to invite Dave McConnell to speak to us and commission us for the year ahead. He spoke from the first chapter of Daniel pointing us to the attributes in Daniel's life that we would do well to hold on to;

Firstly to remember, as Daniel did – that we are part of the royal family – God’s family. Knowing who we are and who we belong to gives strength as we head into school each day.

Next Dave reminded us that of how Daniel lived. He never condemned those around him, but he did live a distinct life trying to please God above all.

And finally we were challenged that there will be times as Christians when we need to make a stand for what we believe in. The circumstances will be different for all of us, and it may be difficult, but God will be with us just like He was with Daniel.

During the evening we were also treated to some live music from Nairne Page and perused books provided by David from Books Alive.

As always it was great to meet to connect with one another, be inspired by God’s word and encourage each other that we’re not alone as we start a new year in school.

If you’d like to come to our next event you can find details and register here.