This event is hosted by our Schools Team and the Schools Team from Brighton and Hove City Mission. Both of whom regularly meet hundreds of young people in Brighton and Hove through the delivery of assemblies, clubs, mentoring, lessons, Prayer Spaces and other initiatives. 

We are always really excited about the possibilities and opportunities that can come from such an event; where Christians who are involved in all aspects of the education community within and outside of our city gather together for a few hours on a Wednesday night each term.

We focused on the theme, “Is there more to life than results?”

Our first speaker was Judith Ellis who has been involved with education for over 20 years. Judith has not only held positons in education in this country, but has also served outside the U.K as a director of an international school.

Judith encouraged us to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God’ (Matthew 6:33) in the context of education. This message was illustrated by personal testimonies of where God brought positive effects (students’ grades) as a result of her seeking first God’s Kingdom in school. Judith also reminded us to have an eternal perspective in education, not just focussing on immediate results. 

Our Second speaker was Lizzy Joyner, who is a sixth form student at a college in Horsham. Lizzy gave a powerful message of how the slip of paper she received at the end of secondary school, showing her grades, does not fully represent her time studying for A-levels – it says nothing about how she grew and matured in her faith during her time at school.

Our third and final speaker was Trevor Cristin, head teacher of St Andrew's CE Primary School in Hove. He spoke of living a life of integrity and authenticity within the context of being a Christian and showing love and care to staff, students and parents.

Between each talk there was time given to praying, meaning for those attending they were able to pray with each other as well as for their students and school.  

A huge thank you on behalf of both the City Mission and Off The Fence school teams for those who spoke and for those who attended. We look forward to seeing you all again at our new venue, Bishop Hannington Church on Thursday 22nd June.