The termly Christians in Education event explored the topic: 'Why stay in Education?'

It’s a question most teachers have probably asked at some point in their career. Whilst there are many joys working with young people, helping to shape their future, teaching can be a thankless task that never feels finished.

Alongside Brighton & Hove City Mission, our schools team dedicated an evening  to encourage local Christians in Education of all the good reasons to persevere in their roles.

We were joined by Kate Vincent, Hazel Childs and Simon Hateley, who had all put some thought into answering the above question from their own unique perspective.

Kate, assistant head at King’s School in Hove reminded us that God has placed us each in our roles in education for a reason. Even if we just work in school for one year, that’s 270 days that we can be salt and light to the young people around us. Kate encouraged us to remember our mission to love young people like Jesus has loved us.

Next we heard from Hazel Childs doing her teacher training at St Martin’s Primary School. Her love for her job and the children she works with was evident from the way she spoke. She also spoke of how exhausting it can be to give and give and give in our work, and encouraged us to find refreshment in God and be inspired by looking to Jesus – the perfect teacher.

Finally St Margaret’s head teacher, Simon Hateley spoke of teaching being a vocation rather than a job – it’s something we are called to do. Working in school can be a challenge – no two days are the same. But there’s a joy in the challenge and the hard work – it can be immensely satisfying and never dull.  Simon also reminded us of how children can both delight us and break our hearts… it’s a real privilege to walk alongside them.

Thanks to all who came to last night’s events. We hope like us you left inspired and encouraged to persevere in school – at least until the Easter holidays!