The women at Gateway Women’s Centre were very excited to be given 20 free tickets, as part of Brighton Festival’s very generous Pay-it-Forward scheme.  The tickets were to a show of our choice, and we chose to go to the ‘No Fit State’ circus on Hove Lawns- an award winning circus, based here in the UK but comprising of an international group of performers.  The team didn’t know exactly what to expect, but were promised a great night out for our clients!

In excited anticipation, we took our front row seats.  We were treated to 2 hours of stunning and quirky entertainment including stilt stunts, fire juggling, a human mobile, diablo tricks, a shadow show, aerial acrobatics and a flying school room (yes, really!), as well as a hilarious collection of cyclists. The comedy kept the women chuckling throughout and offered a great opportunity to relax.

The set design was amazing in itself and the counter-balances of the acrobats were as interesting to watch as the artists themselves.  The show was accompanied by live music and singing, performed by the incredibly talented acrobats themselves. 

The women from Gateway had a truly memorable night out, and their feedback sums it all up:

“What a beautiful evening!  The music and performers were amazing"

"This is an amazing memory!  Thank you so much"

“I’ve not had a night out for 3 years!”

"I adored it... it was the best night out ever!"

"I was overwhelmed… I didn't expect to be going anywhere like this!"

 “Thank you so much to the kind people who donated the tickets and to the Gateway staff for organising the trip”

Thank you so much, Brighton Festival. We are looking forward to seeing what is on offer next year through the scheme!

Photo credit: Richard Davenport - No Fit State