A few drops of rain and a small thunder storm did not dampen the excitement of the Gateway outing to Drusilla’s last week. The women had been looking forward with eager anticipation to the summer outing. Fond memories of ice-cream and Wendy’s special chocolate brownies we had on previous outings added to the expectations for the day.

Thirty women enjoyed some very happy moments together which included the amazing Meerkats, Penguins being fed, adorable Red Panda’s and a relaxing walk through the Lemur enclosure. A beautiful glimpse of the Sussex Downs from the train ride through the site was interspersed with a fun filled singalong. 

The sun came out in time for us to enjoy a picnic in the open air followed by the much awaited ice-cream and chocolate brownies. This was followed by a stomach churning go on the fun-fare rides by some of the women!

One lady remarked how happy she was to be there and how it made her feel as free as a child again.  Another said that the day had brought back happy memories of when her mum used to take her to Drusilla’s as a child. Without exception, the women remarked how grateful they are to the sponsors who made this outing possible and how much they appreciated the support to make the day such a wonderful experience!