In mid July, the schools team had the opportunity of running a day’s Reflection Space at Hove Park Lower School.

We had the use of a big bright classroom which we transformed with 6 different reflection zones. There were Lifeboat Prayers, Sorry Shredder, Thank you Tree, Inspiration, Wheelbarrow Worries and Narnia.

As it was so close to the summer holidays you could sense the weariness and lack of stamina from the students but they were all amazed to come into the room and see the transformation. They seemed to appreciate being in a different environment and to have the opportunity to take some time out of normal routine. We saw more than 100 Yr 7 and 8 students throughout the day who mainly engaged really well with the zones and some great conversations were had during the day.

It was particularly lovely to see so many students really focussed at Thank you Tree, thinking about the special people in their lives and writing a leaf dedicated to them. One student asked me if she could take her leaves away and not peg them to our tree as they were so special and personal to her. She had taken a long time writing them and that was a sweet moment.

The Narnia zone was a new one for us to use and there were some wonderful responses. They were reminded of the Narnia story and the fact that the world can often feel like it is broken. What are their thoughts about this brokenness? “I hope my children are brought up safe”, “I hope WW3 doesn’t happen” and “I hope for a good future, not just for me, but also for the less fortunate” are just some of them.

It’s a great privilege for the schools team to spend time with the students in Reflection Spaces and this one felt very timely for the students and teachers alike, as they needed that haven of calm thinking space at the end of a busy school year.