Project Antifreeze has joined with other homelessness services in Brighton and Hove to launch the ‘Make Change Count’ Campaign.

Project Antifreeze is working alongside Brighton Housing Trust, St Mungo’s, Equinox and Nightstop to encourage giving to homelessness charities and services rather than directly to the homeless through this campaign. 

Financial giving on the street can be problematic as there is no clear way to be sure the money given to people on the street is used to buy food, help with health issues or pay for accommodation. Money can be used to fund unhealthy choices which can cause more problems and isolation for the individuals concerned.

Project Antifreeze are particularly keen to be a part of this campaign as it will help more long-term issues to be addressed rather than short-term ones.

By highlighting the practical support available all year round in the city and how best to help rough sleepers, homeless individuals will be able to receive the help they need effectively.

Please follow this link for more information.

The campaign is being launched on Monday 7th August.