A week is a long time to spend in one room, especially when you have 506 different visitors, although thankfully not all at the same time.

The whole school from Reception through to Year 6 visited the Reflection Space in Mile Oak Primary School last week. Everyone who visited had a chance to pause, think about something and then express how they were feeling by doing something. It was a joy to spend time with each and every student as they thought about saying sorry and thank you, their hopes and dreams, things that amazingly transform and countries that were important to them.

Here is what they had to say about it:

“It made me relax and forget.”

“I like coming here; it’s a calm place to think about wonderful things.”

”I felt this was the best day ever.”

“It was good time to stop and think about you and others, and it was fun.”

“I liked the shredder because I let out my sorrows.”

“Thank you so much for bringing such joy and happiness to all the children at Mile Oak School. Everyone has loved the Refection Space experience!”