Want to know what our Schools & Youth Team have been up to in some of their lunch clubs recently?

This term we’ve had great fun in our Christian Clubs thinking about what God says about important life issues, such as confidence, success, failing, money and the future. We’ve also acted out some incredible true stories about Jesus to see what happened in history and what it might have to teach us today. As well as chatting about various Biblical topics and issues, students attending the clubs have enjoyed snacks, playing games and watching clips together. It’s great to see the same students coming back week after week, allowing us to build up good relationships with them and support them.

One week this term we looked at King Solomon who was asked this question by God: “What do you want me to give you? - Ask for anything and I will give it to you.”

We asked the students how they would’ve replied if there were in Solomon’s place.

Here are some of their answers:

•             World peace

•             I would like worldwide PEACE. No conflict between country’s or friends.

•             I want a peaceful life

•             Nobody to be sad or die

•             All wars and illness to stop

•             For everyone to have a safe 2018

•             Peace and happiness across the world

What would your answer to the question be?