It’s hard to believe we only spent 2 days at St Andrew’s School in Nuthurst. Arriving on Wednesday morning our team spent a couple of hours transforming the school library into a Prayer Space. By midday on Wednesday the Space was ready to welcome its first visitors, and by end of day on Thursday we’d seen the whole school through the space as well as some parents!

The students engaged really well with the 4 different prayer zones in the room. Each zone had a different emphasis, helping students to say thank you, sorry, please and to ask big questions to God. It was a joy to see how different age groups reacted to the Space, especially their expressions as they entered the room!

We asked each student to tell us what they thought of their Prayer Space and here’s what some said:

“I liked the sorry shredder because it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”

“I was really happy, but calm happy!”

“I loved the Prayer Space because it was really peaceful and fun.”

“It was really calming in the Prayer Space and I felt like I could let all my worries out.”

“I think this is a lovely place to be and I would like to come back again. Thank you for bringing this all here for us to enjoy.”