Wow! It was the end of another busy, productive, fun year in schools! For me it was the end of my first whole school year working on the team. It was time for the team to have some space to look back, reflect and give thanks to God for all the amazing opportunities we’d had throughout the year. We started by having a time of devotions and prayer where we thought about how ‘family’ features strongly throughout the Bible and how as a team we are like family to each other. Family members each have different gifts and qualities, and families go through highs and lows, much like our team. We then shared special Bible verses with each other, along with what we really appreciate about each other. Such a positive way to finish one year and spur us into the next!  After this we had worked up appetites so we stopped for tea and homemade brownie which we shared with one of our lovely interns, Denise. This was our chance to thank her for all her wonderful input into schools work over the year and to say goodbye as she heads back home to Italy.

Then we headed out of the office… Time to go on a road trip to deepest, darkest Barcombe! The weather was glorious so we enjoyed a picnic lunch in a field and talked over our highlights of the year. Much to be thankful for! With energy gained from eating lunch we began our main activity - boating up the river Ouse! We all fitted in one boat which made for easier rowing. As it was such a hot day no-one even minded ’accidentally’ being splashed by anyone else, it was quite refreshing! After an hour’s rowing we were all ready for a shady sit down with a refreshing ice lolly and the chance to make friends with local dogs before heading back to the office. It was good to spend quality time together—as it is in family life.

Ali Avard