For the past year our Schools Team have been running Youth Alpha at Cardinal Newman Secondary School.  This is an amazing opportunity in school to share the message of Jesus in an engaging and interactive way. 

We decided to open it up to Year 9 students who we have already been working with through our lunch clubs. However our hope is that the course would become open to more students in the years to come.

Cardinal Newman is one of the largest schools in the country, so space is a premium. Yet we have been so blessed with a great attic space to run Youth Alpha from. We set up the space with comfy chairs and yummy snacks for the students who come in.

With this current group of year 9 students we have explored such questions as:

Life: is this it?
Jesus: who is he?
The Cross: why did Jesus die?
Faith: how can I have faith?
Prayer: why and how do I pray?

These questions are explored individually over a few weeks through the Youth Alpha Film series. Every week the video asks questions which the students discuss in groups. These moments are incredibly important, as each student is able to express their thoughts and questions about the theme in a way that is honest without fear of judgement.

As a team we recognized a greater openness among the students as the course went on; a willingness to share the questions they have about God. 

We have learned a lot from our first year, and are now excited to work with a brand new group of year 9 students this term.