Paul and Wendy Young met on a missionary ship off the coast of Africa, Paul was from Brighton, England and Wendy from Australia. After the experience of travelling to over 70 countries between them, they got married and settled in Brighton & Hove to help the marginalised. In 1997 Off The Fence was founded for this very purpose.

Off The Fence is firmly rooted in the Christian Faith; we’re committed not only to practically helping those most at need in our society but also to meeting their spiritual needs. Founder and Chief Executive, Paul Young, is an ordained Christian minister. Over this past year Paul has preached 38 times in local Churches and spoke at countless local associations, schools, clubs, networks and forums. Looking ahead the diary for this year is almost fully booked!

Wendy Young is now an established member of the Ministry Team. She writes: “This has been another exciting year of growth and change, seeing God move the work forward.  I teach three training courses locally:

  • Caring for the Broken Hearted
  • He Restoreth my Soul
  • MOT of the Soul

These courses look at how we can support the most vulnerable in our communities.

Since September 2012, I have been working with Tearfund as a Church in Community Advisor. This complements my role at Off The Fence well as I seek to support and train churches and groups in their community engagement. I have had opportunities to speak at more women’s groups and churches both about the work of Off the fence as well as supporting vulnerable people.”

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