Paul Young,
Wendy Young,
Ministry Team
Monica Harding,
General Manager
Helen Grahame, Safety
and HR Coordinator
Sue Lucas,
Finance Coordinator
Jane Leaver,
Finance Assistant
Hannah Lancaster,
Fundraising Manager
David Holt,
Events and Design 
Steve Brunton,
Antifreeze Manager
John Lewry, Antifreeze
Deputy Manager
Siobhan Goldsmith,
Antifreeze Team
Nigel Sarjudeen,
Antifreeze Team
Cerys Gemma,
Antifreeze Team
Lizzi Demetriou,
Schools Manager
Rich Jago,
Schools Deputy Manager
Nic Bryant,
Schools Team
Ali Avard,
Schools Team
Suzanne Ault,
Schools & Gateway
Julie Dent,
Gateway Manager
Gen Fox,
Gateway Dep. Manager
Kate Deaud,
Gateway Team
Hayley Barber,
Gateway Team
Charlotte Polhill,
Gateway Team

Our Charity Trustees

Gary Schulz
Greg Peacock
Ian Denyer
Rodney Queen
David Goldin
Graham Hollebon