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Paul and the Brighton Half Marathon
Paul Huxley shares his experiences of running the Brighton Half Marathon for us.
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“Is there more to life than results?”
Find out how the Schools Team got on with hosting their latest event on "Is there more to life than results?"
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Off The Fence Night Walk
13 people took part in our Night Walk to raise an incredible £1000 for Off The Fence this winter...
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Schools Team: Eastbourne Conference
This February our Schools Team attended the Hand-in-Hand Conference in Eastbourne to promote their Prayer Spaces...
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Schools Team: St Andrews Prayer Space
The Schools Team had a wonderful time running St Andrews' Prayer Space recently.
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Antifreeze: Woolly Hat Day
At Project Antifreeze, some of our clients have been wearing their woolly hats to support Woolly Hat Day...
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"Baking for Wellbeing" Workshop
Gateway Women's Centre enjoyed a visit from the Stoneham Bakehouse who hosted a "Baking for Wellbeing" workshop. 
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Patcham School Reflection Space
Our Schools Team visited Patcham Junior School to lead its third Reflection Space.
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Meet The Team: Ali Avard
Meet our newest member of the schools team, Ali Avard! Here's how the first few weeks have been for her...
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Woolly Hat Day: 24th February
Can you put your hats on this Winter for some of the most vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove?
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